This is our human-readable privacy policy for The Cooking Wolf Project.

(If you need many dense pages of legal drafting, we can certainly have our lawyers prepare some, just let us know.)

Privacy Policy

Your Personal Data

Your data is yours, not ours.

We will not sell your data to advertisers.

We Use Cookies

We use cookies just to associate you from one request to another only on our own site.

We do not track you around the rest of the internet.

Our Data Partners

While using our site, information may be exchanged with the following third-party services:

Akismet Antispam
…to protect our site from abuse by spammers.

Google Analytics
…to know usage patterns and aggregate demographics of our audience.

Google reCAPTCHA
…to protect our site from abuse by bots.

These are industry standard services with established privacy reputations.

Use of Encryption

Our site is only accessable via HTTPS connections, so your data is always encrypted between your web browser and our servers.


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